"We take pride in our ability to offer the finest crafted reel and rod cover on the market"

Owner, Joe Billings

The Reel rod Cover uses the finest fabric available. It stretches 4 directions to offer a snug fit over most rod and reels. The outer side of the fabric repels dirt while the padded inner liner draws moisture from the inside of the cover.


It really is a perfect design! Our patented design, combined with the 4-way stretch material adjusts to fit over most reel and rod combinations. Cover your bait caster, spinning reel, or deep sea reel, and multiple size rods. All with the same cover!


Quality. The bottom line is we only use the best material to construct the Reel Rod Cover. The fabric used features a compression stretch that improves its stretch and reduces the chances for scratches and damage to your rod and reel.

Keep it DRY! Keep harmful moisture off your rod and reel when you store it. The padded inner layer is made from durable fleece that draws moisture from the inside to the outside of the cover.

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